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Bachelors Level Programmes

Bachelors Level Programmes

At Bachelor level, following programs are offered;

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  1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  2. Bachelor of Arts (Library & Information Sciences Group)
  3. Bachelor of Mass Communication
  4. Bachelor of Arts (General Group).


A candidate applying for any group at BA level must have passed the Intermediate examination and hold its certificate issued by the respective Board/University. Marks Sheets issued by the Boards/Universities will also be acceptable.

  • Certificate (s) issued by the schools or colleges are not acceptable.
  • AIOU students will also be granted admission to B.A. programme only if the attested copies of the Intermediate and Matric Certificates are attached to the Admission Form (Copies of Result Cards are not acceptable).
  • The applicants must have passed all the compulsory courses at Matric and Intermediate level.


For successful completion of the Bachelor Degree programme, a student should complete eight credit courses. Thus by taking two credits per semester, the minimum period required is four semesters. As mentioned above, Bachelor Degree programme is offered in four groups, the details of which are given at the end.

  • In BA General Group two credit courses are compulsory while six other credits can be selected from the list of Elective courses for the same group.
  • In BA Mass Communication and Library Information Sciences Groups, six full credit courses are compulsory while two credit courses can be selected from the list of Elective Courses of the Same Group.
  • In B.Com Group all courses are compulsory.
  • The selection of the group must be made with care according to your own temperament, occupational needs and aptitude. Ā§Group once selected, will not be allowed to change.
  • Ethics is compulsory for Non-Muslim students in place of Islamic Studies (compulsory). The Muslim students cannot take Ethics, whereas non-Muslims are not allowed to take Islamic Studies as a Compulsory Course.

Internship (B.Com.)

The B.Com. Students are required to submit an internship certificate while applying for issuance of degree. This should be issued from any financial, business or industrial organization. The duration of Internship is three months.

Bachelors Level Programmes