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Secondary School Certificate

SSC (Matric)

At Secondary School Certificate (SSC) level, following program is offered; SSC (General Group)

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  • A candidate applying for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) programme must have passed the Middle/9th pass or fail or SSC fail certificate Examination and hold its certificate issued by the respective Board/Government School or Registered School.
  • In case, the middle standard examination has been passed from any Private school, it must bear the Registration Number or attestation by the District Education Officer.
  • The minimum age limit to apply in the SSC Programme will be 13 years.
  • A recent photograph must be pasted on the admission form otherwise admission will be rejected.

Note:Applicants are advised to write their particulars i.e. name, father’s name, and date of birth similar to the Middle pass certificate. All documents should be attested by a gazetted/authorized officer.


  • For successful completion of the SSC/Matric programme, a student has to pass eight credit courses out of which six credit courses are compulsory while the rest two credit courses have to be selected form the list of elective course. Thus by taking two credits per semester, minimum duration will be four semesters i.e. two years.
  • The selection of the courses must be made with care according to ones own temperament, professional needs and aptitude in accordance with the course offering by the University.
  • Courses one selected/taken in a semester shall not be allowed to change.
  • Ethics is compulsory for non-Muslim students instead of Islamic Studies (compulsory).The Muslim students cannot take Ethics, whereas, non-Muslims are not allowed to take Islamic Studies Compulsory Course.
  • A student can take admission in only two credit courses in a semester i.e. either two full credit courses OR one full and two half OR four half credit courses.

Secondary School Certificate